My bedroom is my favourite room. It’s very calm and peaceful, with white-painted floorboards (done myself over three days, back-breaking but satisfying work!) and walls. It’s not a huge room so, again, keeping everything white helps maximise the sense of space. Livingetc did a ‘white’ issue a few years ago, which proved that white doesn’t have to mean clinical, especially when you mix in textures, like my bashed-up floor and lacquered bedside table.

The screenprint above the bed is by Clare Cutts, and was a 30th birthday present to myself! I spotted it in a shop in Dartmouth and found myself thinking about it for the rest of the day, so I went back later and bought it. Total impulse buy, and my most expensive piece of art, but I love it, and it sets the tone for my bedroom as a relaxing haven.

This room has a lovely airy feel that makes me feel like I’m on holiday somewhere warm every time I wake up. The curtains are a subtle striped silk, leftover from a magazine shoot. The chair is the Eames DSW from Vitra, and was the most amazing surprise 30th birthday present. The pigeon light is another design classic, by Ed Carpenter, from Thorsten Van Elten. The chest of drawers, sheepskin rug and oak-framed mirror are all Ikea.

My top tip is: buy what you love. Don’t buy what’s fashionable - buy things that, for whatever reason, you find it hard to walk away from.

Photos: Sophie Duckworth