Because of the way the maisonettes in my road were built, my kitchen window looks directly across to next door’s kitchen window. There were no blinds up when I moved in, and I’m not a fan of soft materials in a kitchen anyway, so I decided to put window film up, so that I didn’t eyeball my next door neighbour while I was doing the washing up. This film is from Brume, who do a great range of different styles. It’s very easy to stick up, too.

The kitchen was already fitted when I moved in, and it’s a nice oak design from Ikea (top tip: Ikea kitchens are brilliant and amazing value! Team with an expensive worktop and no one will ever know). I bought the little dining table at Ardingly last year – it’s Victorian and has a cute cutlery drawer on one side. The chairs are vintage chapel chairs. The oilcloth is from John Lewis.

What you can’t see in this picture is my cream Smeg Fab fridge-freezer - my pride and joy, and yes, admittedly another total interiors cliche.

Photos: Sophie Duckworth