study area

The bunny lamp was from The Little Baby Company. Yes it is meant for children! I’m a bit obsessed with lighting, the quirkier the better. Of course the fact that it’s pink doesn’t hurt either… I actually have six different forms of lighting in the living room - it might sound excessive but lighting changes my mood completely, and because this is a multi-purpose room, changing the lighting helps me get into the mood for work, or relaxation, or entertaining etc.

The chair is from the now defunct Chair Company and was one of the first things I ever bought when I was working for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine, a magazine with a very contemporary bent. It definitely influenced my tastes at the time. I had a lot of striped Designers Guild fabric in my life back then.

I’m a bit of a neat freak - I can’t concentrate if my desk is too cluttered, so I only have the essentials next to my computer. Everything else is anally filed away in my filing cabinet or on the bookshelves in my spare room. I hate the filing cabinet - it’s industrial looking but not in a good way - and am on the lookout for a ‘softer’ alternative. I’m a fan of the Dulton drawer cabinets, but ideally I’d like something second-hand.

My work has really taught me to investigate the heritage of products - and I’d far rather wait and save for something that’s been lovingly designed and made than just get something cheap and mass-produced. At 100% Design last year I fell in love with a black walnut writing desk from new furniture company Young & Norgate, and that’s now top of my wishlist.

I’m also passionate about second hand furniture - I went to Ardingly last year and it was so inspiring. There’s so much beautiful stuff out there, just waiting to be loved again!

Photo: Sophie Duckworth